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Expressing Gratitude

I'd like to start off your visit by saying Thank YOU for being interested in my energetic work. More importantly please take a moment to Thank YOURSELF for taking interest in/committing to showing up for yourself. 


I started A Soul Story at the beginning of my attunements, at that time only with a plan to help people feel the love and peace I felt while receiving my own sessions from my Master; the journey I was led down was life saving and life altering.  Everything happened within divine timing, and has been in process now for a little over a year. I trust I was led to have something much greater than I could've first imagined for myself and I'm eternally grateful for the opportunities I've encountered already and will continue to in my future. 
We are all divine beings and deserve to find our own divinity and love within. Finding and reconnecting you with parts of self that are presently still affecting your day to day. In term you are working on learning about and accepting all forms of self, creating a reality reflective of what you dream of. There is truth in your dreams. It is okay to re-feel and release that of which is apart of your story, just because something is apart of your story does not mean you can not rewrite it, change the direction, there isn't a timeline for healing you will heal in your own divine timing.  Find the grace you give and expect from others in self now...

Fun Fact About ASSH:

I channeled the name "A Soul Story Healing" during a session of my own with the intention of learning about my business in perspective of spirit and my guides, what its purpose really was. All the possible ways you can say the name each in my opinion say there own story; "A Soul Story, Healing", "A, Soul Story Healing", adding a "s", "A Soul's Story Healing", or in truth adding a multiple seems to be even more authentic for some, "A Soul's Stories Healing". 

Our ESSential clearness

"The work of Compassion: to embrace everything clearly without imposing who we are and without losing who we are." 

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