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My name is Cameron Lynn, I'm a Reiki Master Teacher and Subconscious Journey Guide. I'm from Southern California and moved to Oregon because of an energetic draw to the area I'm located, as well as receiving guidance and past-life downloads to confirm the decision and direction. My purpose has been to heal my connection to self and become the the most authentic version of me, energetically triggering those to do the same for themselves in THEIR individualized and most authentic manner. 



What's my story?


I wasn't happy with my reality, I felt I was being given a bad hand at life, what I saw about myself I was scared to show, I was hiding and driven by fear, I got very quiet and to myself after living in my home town because i started questioning everything and everyone I was experiencing. The answer I found to everything in some way rooted back to me. I started meditating, going inward, and doing a lot of research about the chakras, the mind, body, soul connection,  spirit guides, angel numbers, mindfulness, spirit animals, energetic shifting, etc. and then my reality hit me like a rock over and over and over, my heart breaking all over each time I would be begging and praying for things in my life to change when I didn’t know what else to do. I was told about Reiki, my guides gave me the biggest "hell yes" synchronizations i’ve ever experienced, it has expanded my consciousness and healing to a level still myself feels like I wouldn’t have gotten to yet here I am, I faced myself and all the things that broke me as a child and teen nurturing myself to where i’m at now. You teach one how to treat(love) you by how you treat(love) yourself.  

With the growing connection with Reiki and my own alignment, then showed up another opportunity to learn how to go deeper within self, truly examine and drop all once perceived belief systems, feeling one's triggers and finding the root, another draw was to be more involved with the client just as my Master was with me, that training was SoulGuided Journeywork, with the end of that training came Reiki Master Teacher Training, putting me in a place of being able to provide a vast space for healing not just for self but for those guided to me. 

Thank you for supporting me on my journey and possibly finding resonance as well as inspiration to start your own healing journey. We are all unique expressions of the universe living human experiences, not one is to look the same, only reflect back to self. That is the beauty.

With infinite love and gratitude,


Cameron Lynn

Training lineage


Reiki I
Sacred Space Oceanside, CA

Erin & Kyra Villarino

Reiki II

Sacred Space Oceanside, CA

Kyra Villarino

Reiki Master Teacher 

Sacred Space Oceanside, CA

Erin Villarino


SoulGuided Journeywork Certification
Mind, Body, Soul Solution

Erin Villarino

Trained under Usui Tradition and guided to an individualized connection to reiki, creating reiki as an extension of self rather than just a career or ability. 

I am eternally grateful to this mother-daughter guided healing powerhouse. Thank you Kyra, for showing me understanding and being your authentic self, you are apart of what had inspired me. Erin, Thank you more than I can ever possibly explain... You guided me to finding my soul in a deeper way than I thought imaginable. Helping me find my worth again and again, revealing what I had "killed"/blocked off. Witnessing my rollercoaster and showing me what unconditional love was. My gratitude goes to the both of you. I will work/hope to continue the foundational teachings you passed to me. 



I am currently ONLY accepting contact through email or DMs...the ONLY acceptable time I can be reached through phone is through personal relationship/recurring clients. 

Expect responses within 48 hours of initial contact. 


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