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Connect with Self

Alignment by dictionary definition is "1. Arrangement in a straight line , or in correct or appropriate relative positions 2. a position of agreement or alliance." Aligning with your highest self allows an infinite flow of energy to connect with your core, your reality will show you ways and messages of how to move in your right direction. Alignment with your life purpose and path. Alignment with those that are meant for you. Alignment of your chakras and energy bodies. Alignment with yourself and your reality; All is for the better whether you can see it from the higher perspective or not, consciously or unconsciously know that energy is altering all around you at a constant. Life happens for you not to you. 


why connecting to self is so important

I believe a strong connection to self is the foundation to an unconditional love filled life. The awareness of self radiates to the awareness of the world around you from perspectives you weren't able to see before. Love radiates and fills what was once empty. 

Inner Child Healing 

My focus is on going back to the years of childhood where coping mechanisms weren't taught and one may have been left to defend and protect themselves therefore, hiding their truest selves for approval, to not be made feel a shame of who you tried to show up as yet were rejected. The Inner child is one of the most important places to heal because of how impactful childhood is... Besides my own experiences, I have encountered many if not most humans that have no idea who they are because of who they were expected to be, act, show up as. One shouldn't have been made to feel rejected for showing up as their authentic self during developmental ages, yet many have been and now have trouble seeing good or accepting good, even hoping for better. Most in these cases have no clue they are still acting on the level of emotion from childhood. Emotions grow with us, if we give them the space to teach us. If one does not learn the emotion from its roots it is most likely the emotion is still at those developmental stages, making one act out of a fight or flight more often than expected. 


A key to ones life is staying connected to the child within.



How to Connect with Self

Here are some easy ways to deepen your connection to self: 







-Intentional Movement

Some not so Easy Ways to Connect with Self:

-Drop expectations to who you think you are

- Open yourself to truths without your involvement that you thought you once had

- take accountability for EVERYTHING that is occurring

in your life it is all connected whether you know why or not, drop victim mentality

-Forgive YOURSELF and find a way to forgive those that have hurt you, that doesn't mean they have to stay in your life... 

-learn your BOUNDARIES 

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