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What are Subconscious Journeys?

Subconscious Journeywork is modality in itself made with a unique combination of Hypnotherapy, Shamanic Techniques, Energy Work, Guided Meditation, and My Voice to bring my client into an optimal healing state.  


Subconscious Journeywork is an additional extension on top of my reiki otherwise known or taught as "SoulGuided Journeywork". This particular modality was created/channeled by my Master, Erin Villarino, and a group of individuals she trusted to grow within each of their own practices and take Journeywork within their own focus and ability. Making a structure and teachings to what was once natural extension. 

My Voice is the tool in this modality... I will bring the client into a Theta state(subconscious brain waves). Accessing the Alpha and Theta brainwaves allow a connection to allow a trance state, creating a connection to all aspects of acceptance within healing, whether that be for the shadow, inner child, ego, inner teen, lost soul fragments(dissociated parts of self), karmic ties, or past lives. Any of which could be currently effecting you and journeywork allows you to go to the ROOT of the problem that is present, even if that is from different lifetimes and years. 

"soulguided  journeywork"


Working in the Subtle Realm:

The subconscious controls 95% of your life, being able to access these states create long term healing within the conscious and unconscious mind. 

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